Hello! My name is Hugo Figueira and I'm a
based in Portugal.

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Hello! My name is Hugo Figueira and I’m a UI/UX Designer, born and raised in Portugal. I've started my career as Designer back in 2013, in a business intelligence company named Cortex Intelligence, as UI Designer. Then in 2015 I've moved to Lisbon, to work as WebDesigner for Staples.eu Design Agency. Currently, and since 2017, I'm working as UX Designer with focus on Design Systems at Hitachi Vantara (formerly Pentaho).

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UI/UX Design

Need a website or application? I can help you creating a new or redesigning existing ones, helping you achieve your business goals.

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Design Systems

In the last couple of years I've been focusing on Design Systems development, creating accessible, cohesive and unified languages.

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Accessibility is key for any project, and should be considered since day 1. I can help making your website more accessible to everyone.


Over the years I’ve been developing some skills using the latest tools and techniques, trying to keep myself up-to-date with the state of the art. Below you will find some tools I use on a daily basis and how familiar I am with them.

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Currently working as UX Designer. In my current role I'm helping both Design Systems and UI Kit to design and develop the unified and universal Hitachi's Design Language. My daily work consists of collecting user's feedback, test, wireframe, prototype, and develop new patterns to be used in the several applications suites across the organization. Usability Testing and Accessibility are a big part of my day, where we test and validate interactions on all the components developed, so they can be used widely by all our users. By being in constant contact with both Product Design and Engineering teams, I'm able to interact between both ends and understand different points of view, helping achieve better solutions.


During my time at Staples, I was responsible for the creation of several media vehicles for Web such as Email, Landing Pages, and Web Assets (banners) for 10 European markets. I was also the point of contact for several Business Units and the Production Studio team, who was responsible for creating all the assets on monthly production. I also had to make sure that all the web assets created are according to the GTM (Go To Market) guidelines, delivered on time, and with the best quality possible. Along with that, I had to make sure all the template assets and campaign themes were created and delivered to the production team, who used it to produce the web assets. I also gave some training to the new elements that would be part of the team, by introducing them to the workflow and environment.


During my time at Cortex Intelligence, I was working closely with the development teams. I was responsible for designing and developing web pages, mobile apps (for websites and analytic platforms). Most of the work was based on the Product Design requirements, where wireframing and prototyping was put into practice on a daily basis. New product features, audiovisual corporate content and video guide tutorials were also part of my tasks.

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Optiply Supply Manager

Optiply is a web application that integrates with different webshops, stores and warehouses, that manages and optimizes stocks through data-driven purchasing.

By continuously analysing the latest sales, Optiply prevents excess inventory, ensuring better cash flow, more space in warehouse and a faster growing company, thus increasing product availability, reduce inventory costs and purchases more efficiently.

The moto of Optiply is “More sales with less inventory”.

Visit on optiply.nl

Optiply Dashboard App

Mobile app proposal

My Gym App

The MyGym app is an app proposal for a local gym, designed by me and developed by me and some friends using React Native.

The goal was to create a fully capable application that manages all the gym schedules and booking of classes within the app, making the booking system a bit less stressing, and more focused on the exercise.

It would also track the users health situation, in order to improve their lifestyle and achieve their desired goals.

My Gym Mobile App

Mobile app proposal


Inspired by the good old days, talking with our friends using walkie-talkies and cup phones (yes, that cutting edge tech using two cups and a string).

But now with a modern twist that allows anyone to connect to the world, with no language barriers.

We can see the analogy of the two cups (input/output) and the string represents the processing of the script (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engines).

Cup Phone Mobile App



Growmart is a professional placement and integration agency. Their commitment is mostly for people and agencies from different nationalities, creating job opportunities by brokering global recruitment companies with the Portuguese market, from the most traditional sectors to highly specialised sectors such as agriculture, livestock, metallurgy, construction, petrochemical, care and more.

Visit on www.growmart.pt

Growmart website



ti-ex is a physical activity management platform, focused on the most diverse individual sports (triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, gym, etc.).

It’s connected to a global database with biometric, medical, nutritional and sports data, it allows simple and complete prescription and monitoring of training.

The goal of this work was to create and develop their website, so they could start collaborating with several teams and sports federations.

Visit on www.ti-ex.pt

Ti-ex Website

Recent work on


Skilltech Business Cards


Business Cards

Skilltech branding


Skilltech Logo

Optiply platform


Optiply Platform

My Gym Mobile Application

Application Design

Gym Mobile App

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